Thursday, 15 June 2017

Notification of Specialist Training Courses

The Foundation announces the new Specialist Training Courses for 2017/2018

The Royal School announces the Specialist Training Courses as every year, aimed at preparing future professionals of the equestrian world in its different specialized activities, offering training that combines both theoretical and practical aspects of learning.

These courses provide the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the disciplines of Horsemanship and Carriage Driving. Similarly, they foster the learning of horse-related trades: Stable Hand, Saddlery and Equine Clinical Assistant.

The number of available places announced for the training 2017-2018 is as follows: 

- Training Speciality Horsemanship: six (6) places
  • Option: 4 years (4 places)
  • Option: 2 years (2 places)

- Training Speciality Horse Driving: three (3) places
  • Option: 3 years (2 places) 
  • Option: 2 years (1 place)

- Training Speciality Saddlery: two (2) places

- Training Speciality Equine Clinical Assistant: two (2) places

- Training speciality Stable Hand: six (6) places

In order to gain access to these courses, the applicant must pass an entrance examination, consisting of both a theoretical and a practical test, and personal interview. Places will be assigned by strict order of marks. Once the applicant has met the academic and age requirements and has passed the entrance examination she/he must complete her/his enrolment.

Important dates relating to admissions and applications:

  • Deadline to submit the documents: Friday, 25th August 2017.
  • Dates for entrance examinations: Monday 11th, Tuesday 12nd and Wednesday 13rd September, depending on the option chosen by the applicant.
  • Publication of candidates admitted to the entrance tests: In the week of August 28th.
  • Publication of candidates admitted: In the week of September, 18th.
  • Date of registration: Monday, 2nd October
  • Course Presentation: Monday, 2nd October

For more information, please contact us at or phone us on 956 31 80 07 or 956 18 10 50.