Founding Horses & Riders

We may call FOUNDING horses all those which took part in the first performance of what is today the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

They are as follows:

  • VENENO, Cárdenas stud
  • VENDAVAL, Cárdenas stud
  • BARQUILLERO, Diosdado stud
  • JEREZANO, Álvaro Domecq stud
  • VALEROSO, Armando Soto stud
  • GARBOSO, Infante D'Camara stud
  • DEPORTISTA, del Siete stud
  • DESPRECIO, Álvaro Domecq stud
  • KIMBO, Álvaro Domecq stud
  • FRIVOLA, Álvaro Domecq stud
  • MARQUES, del Siete stud
  • SAETA, del Siete stud
  • YUNTERO, del Siete stud
  • TITANIC, Lusitano stud
  • RIO PIO, Oriol stud

All of the above named horses are classified as SIGNIFICANT for having taken part in the first show.

The founding riders were the following:

  • D. Alvaro Domecq Romero
  • D. Antonio Moreno Calderón
  • D. Manuel Méndez Parejo
  • D. Antonio Diosdado Galán
  • D. Manuel Vidrié Gómez
  • D. Francisco Javier García Romero