• To promote and protect horse breeding and all those trades deriving from it.
  • To promote Equestrian Art by means of a special school which will function both as a specialized training centre in those skills and professions related to horse breeding, and as a permanent exhibition centre dedicated to the horse, horse-drawn carriages and related trades.
  • To investigate and propagate the historical, educational and cultural aspects of Equestrian Art within the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, and especially within the Province of Cádiz.
  • To promote Equestrian Art, horse-breeding and all those trades deriving from it as tourist resources, publicising the Royal School as a major tourist attraction.
  • To further the respect and culture of the horse as an integral part of the Andalusian identity.
  • To collaborate with any state, regional, provincial or local organism in projects which are in the interests of the objectives hereby stated.
  • To establish relations with similar or related entities, be they public or private, in order to interchange knowledge and/or organize events related to Equestrian Art and horse-breeding.
  • To collaborate in basic programmes carrying out research into horse-breeding and derived trades.
  • Any activity which may help to promote and disseminate the name of the Royal School.