During the visit you will enjoy of the daily training of our horses in the outdoor riding arenas and in the ‘Picadero’ (the School Riding Arena). It is possible to observe the training process from the beginning, when the colts are three years of age, at which time they undergo basic dressage training. After just over a year of such training, some of them may already be in a condition to appear ridden before the audience performing some elementary dressage exercises in walk, trot and canter. Once the horses have completed the four years of training, set by regulations, they will have acquired the perfection and splendour of their movements and, according to the quality and level of schooling reached, can be shown beside the more experienced horses in the big performances given by the Royal School.

The performance of exercises and the school airs is directly connected with the training of our students, who are progressively gaining the experience that characterises our equitation.

The observation of Purebred Spanish Horses training in constant balance and harmony under the guidance and instruction of their riders, is one of the greatest elements included in the visit of our facilities.