How to walk on the field

A group of riders dressed the cowboy way, execute various demonstrations on this discipline, which compels horses to concentrate their strength on the back third, to be able to have enough agility in the turns and pirouettes. The horse confidently accepts the rider’s help and slides down the track making foot changes, leases and stoppers needed for the work with the cattle

Horse fantasy

A single horse, a single rider on the track executes advanced exercises in a fantasy of moves: pirouettes, foot changes, Spanish step, piafé and passage, resulting in a wonderful exercise to the rhythm and beat of the music.


Carriages and horses harnesses decorated with lavish leather embroidery sober elegant buggies called continentals the driven by reins in hand to pull feria carts beautifully covered wagons full of colour harmony guided voice coachman trot turn while bells on their seem play andalusian songs

Work in hand

In this beautiful exercise, the horses let themselves be taken in hand, executing the Spanish walk, piaffe in hand and between pillars. Concentration and piaffe lead to exercises of ancient equitation like levades, pesades, caprioles and courbettes.


The finale is a carousel in which nearly all the components of the show participate. In beautiful harmony and with perfect symmetry, they execute the exercises of academic equitation: half-passes at the trot and gallop, shoulder in and passage.