Quino is the mascot of the Royal School and he is featured in the educational printed guides of the school. His mission is to introduce school children to the wonderful world of horses, during their visits to the Royal School. Through this amusing character the Real Escuela intends to raise the awareness of the Andalusian equestrian heritage by specifically targeting the various educational levels.

He came into being in 2012 as the brainchild of Domingo Martínez, a teacher at the School of Arts in Jerez. State School students in Andalusia took part in a competition to select a name for the mascot. Forty schools participated in the competition, which was won by Alvar Núñez, a Secondary School in Jerez, with their proposal to name the mascot ‘Quino’, with reference to the shortened version of the equine term ‘equino’.

Quino wears the most amazing outfits in the printed guides, to help in identifying the diverse tasks and occupations that are carried out within the School. He links the activities of the school together. He also happens to be the sort of horse that encourages you to get to know his world and the Royal Riding School environment better, by introducing you to the Palace, the Saddlery, the Museum of the Equestrian Art, the Stables, the Arena or the Carriage Museum.