Quality and Environmental Policy


The Quality and Environmental Policy defined by the Directors of the FREAAE has the following general directives that guide the Foundation:

  • The Client determines our level of excellence and service. The Client is our ONLY JUDGE, and his or her recommendations are fundamental for us.
  • We believe in “doing things right the first time.”
  • We understand the certification of an organization not as an end in itself, but as a direct consequence of commitment to continual improvement of the management system.
  • We seek to motivate and facilitate continuing development of our personnel, which is essential for the organization’s development and growth.

In response to the growing need for conservation and improvement in the Environment, we make the following commitment:

  • To conduct activities consistent with the Foundation’s mission and institutional objective in such a way that they cause the least negative impact on the general environment, and to consistently reference provincial institutions for guidance on efficient environmental management.

To achieve this commitment:

  • We identify environmental impacts of various activities and follow current environmental law, as well as other environmental requirements to which we voluntarily subscribe.
  • We make the most efficient use of natural resources and raw materials, in service of the principle of preventing pollution in all phases of activity.
  • We establish programs that seek to optimize environmental performance in pursuit of objectives and goals, making revisions and audits of the Comprehensive Quality and Environmental Management System as necessary and always with the necessary collaboration and support of the Foundation’s employees.
  • Awareness of the Foundation’s Quality and Environmental Policy is disseminated internally as well as externally, applying the criteria set forth by the Directors.


As a responsible company committed to environmental protection, we have decide to use this document as an instrument of transparency and communication about Environmental Performance.

  • The Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre Foundation has decreased the electricity consumption in 2017 by 10% compared to the year 2016, consolidating the tendency toward downsizing of energy resources undertaken by the Organization.