What to do in the Royal School


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We suggest the following itinerary, which may take either the form of a guided tour or an independent walk around the facilities.

The entrance into the premises is through the Visitor Reception Centre, where you will find a digital cinema where you will see a spectacular audio-visual presentation of the history of equestrian art in Andalusia (until 11:00 am).

This area leads into the gardens, which may be considered Botanical Gardens for their great variety of exotic plants and the age of some specimens. Our attention is drawn immediately to the great fountain which adorns the centre of the gardens and whose water jets invite the visitor to enter farther into the Royal School Foundation.

Just opposite the fountain, the Palace rises majestically above the gardens. It is a beautiful example of 19th century architecture designed by Charles Garnier. The Palace contains a rich cultural offer:

  • On the ground floor you can admire the state rooms, decorated as they were originally conceived.
  • In the basement you will find the Museum of Equestrian Art, which consists of 11 rooms where you can discover the origins and history of equestrian art and the horse in Andalusia.

Afterwards, the visitor may admire the place where the harnesses are made and repaired. This laborious work is carried out in the Saddlery by the master harness maker and his apprentices.

If you continue walking and enjoying the training in the outdoor exercise rings, you will find the 'Picadero', the indoor arena, a building designed in authentic Andalusian style which combines the deep yellow tones of albero sand with the brilliant white of the Andalusian houses. With a capacity for 1,600 people, this is the ideal place to watch the daily training of our horses and riders.

Then you will reach the stables, an octagonal complex made up of five stables, where you will see our most emblematic horses. Just in the centre of the stables is the tack room, where all the harnesses used for the daily training and for the shows are kept.

The Carriage Museum marks the end of your journey and offers the possibility of admiring vehicles, horses, harnesses and equestrian costumes all together.

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