Monday, 16 January 2017

The REAAE Foundation provides technical equestrian courses to national and international students

Three students from China and Holland take part in the training program of the Institution.

The Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre (REAAE), a foundation under the Regional Ministry for Tourism and Sport, welcomes three new students of the technical equestrian courses to be held in the institution. The aim of these horseback riding courses is to extend the training available of this riding discipline.

This initiative will be developed this year during five different training cycles of two weeks each one, starting the first length in January from 16th to 27th, the second session will be from 6th to 17th February, the third from 3rd to 14th July, the fourth from 31st July to 11th August, and the fifth period starts on the 6th of November and will finish on the 17th of the same month. All the cycles will be held in the mornings from Monday to Tuesday, between eight to two o?clock.

As part of the training program, it is offered practical and theoretical lessons about ?Doma Vaquera?, works in hand, pirouettes, the high competition rider, works on two tracks, position, airs and changes of legs, carriage driving lessons and figures as piaffe and passage.

In parallel with the program, some cultural visits to different interesting entities linked to the horse world will be organized, thus ensuring a comprehensive program for the students.

There are three different nationalities taking part in the first course starting next week, as the riders engaged are coming from China, Holland and Spain.