Friday, 27 January 2017

Fernández announces a new stage to keep in touch the citizens to the REAAE and to project to the outside world its image.

The Regional Minister revealed the details of the show schedule for 2017, which it includes the broadening of performances in October, and also the celebration of exceptional gala performances.

Francisco Javier Fernández, Tourism and Sport Minister of the Andalusian Regional Government, presented today in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) the new activities programme to be held at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art (REAAE) in 2017.He also announced the start of a new stage in the Institution based on update and renewal as basic tools to bring people closer to the REAAE, and reinforcing the external image of the Royal School.

Fernández accompanied by the new executive manager of the REAAE, Juan Carlos Camas, emphasized the capacity of Andalusia to offer a broad range of activities linked to the equestrian tourism sector, and he affirmed the need of 'update' the institution in order to 'bring it to all the citizens, and to open it to all people', and to promote the role of the entity by 'bringing horse culture to the world'. 

The Regional Minister said that the school has to 'keeping growing', so he stated the idea of linking the REAAE to the important commemorating days of this year ('Cádiz Casa de Contratación' Anniversary or the 525th Anniversary of the Two Worlds Meet: Huelva-America). The project aims to enhance its activities and foster the internationalization through agreements with sponsors of United Kingdom, USA or Asia.

With respect to the programme for 2017, he informed about the intention to expand the activities, as well as organise the show every Friday in October.
On this regard, it has been announced a new poster, which includes the information about 124 performances, being 113 equestrian shows from the official schedule and the rest of them additional shows.

As novelty, it has also be included some special gala performances as the show for school children (February 22 and 24), the Jerez MOTOGP (May 6), the Older Persons Day (October 4), and the Women's Day (March 8); and there will be held on the 18th of May the Museum Open Days, and on the 9th of September will be performed the European Horse Day and the Harvest Celebration.