Our clinic has the following facilities:

Operating theatre

  • Equipped for abdominal and bone surgery.
  • Halotane and isofluorane inhalatory anaesthetics.
  • Respirator.
  • Monitoring.
  • Arthroscopy.


Sterilization room

  • Autoclave and sterile wrapping.


Intensive care unit (I.C.U.)

  • Three boxes and a laboratory in I.C.U.



Farmacy and medicine warehouse


Narcosis box


Two treatment rooms


Hospitalization ward


Image diagnosis room

  • High-powered X-Ray apparatus.
  • Digital Developer.
  • High-resolution scanner.

Equine sperm collection centre

  • Laboratory for manipulating and processing both fresh and frozen semen.
  • Semen extracting room.
  • Frozen semen bank.